DITM - Mediation engine software

In telecom terminology a software which prepares raw data for further processing is called mediation or mediation engine. We position our ditm software as a general source-data preprocessor program. Although it evolved from telecom environment (therefore it uses the "mediation engine" label), it can be used more generally where You need data preprocessing services.

The ditm converts the input data to asked form (usually into common structure) which the legacy systems (ERP, CRM, billing, DWH, ...) can interpret and use. It is the main work of ditm but it may have other important tasks such as

The input data may come from different sources (IOT device, telecom exchange, aviation control equipment, ...) and may have varied forms. The ditm processes these inputs with high performance that is usually very important requirement.

Invitel, a major telecommunication service provider has been using our mediation solution ditm and its predecessors for more than a decade.
The ditm completes the preprocessing of data of telephone usage of domestic users.
Invitech, a b2b telecommunication and IT service provider has been using our ditm program.
The ditm preprocces the raw data from Invitech's different type telephone exchanges (AXE, EWSD, PBX, softswitch).

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