RVD Raspberry Video server and client

The goal of this project was to display stream of raspberry camera on two monitors in synchronous (multiscreen) for a colposcop.
We used the mmal interface to handle the video (rvds - video server) and a html client (rvdc) to control the video server.

The project finally have been canceled.
So you can see only a desk model with poor error handling, performance tuning and design. It has been made only test and probe goals.
If you find any interesting part of its program code, you can use it free. But we don't give you any guaranty, warranty that the code works right. You can use it only with own risk.

  • Architecture - show elements and relationships
  • Video - shows rvd in work
  • Programs - you can download the client and server programs
  • Sources - you can download the html and c codes



SPADE It is a simple html (javascript) to follow "spade" card-play scores. Start